Island Dispute Leads to Extreme Acts Against Japanese in China

Ideas have consequences. The Japanese man who recently had hot noodles thrown in his face while eating at a restaurant in Shanghai found that out the hard way.

So did a Honda, the Japanese-made car, that was set aflame by its owner on a street in Shanghai on Sept. 13, causing the street to close until firefighters arrived. The arson-protester hung anti-Japanese banners on a nearby fence to make sure his point was clear.

The acts of violence and destruction both took place within days of Japan announcing, on Sept. 11, the intention of purchasing several of the Senkaku Islands, which China claims to be part of its territory. They were purchased from private Japanese citizens.

Large crowds have been outside the Japanese Embassy, too. Buses have been told not to stop on that street in the daytime, according to Chinese state-run media.

“Boycott japanese goods” was the No. 2 most popular topic on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, on Thursday. Many posts documented extreme acts of hatred.

One Weibo user Xiaohai1819 from Chongqing city uploaded a photo of a car wheel with screws missing on Thursday morning.


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