Afghanistan’s IED Complex: Inside the Taliban Bomb-Making Industry

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“I am here in Kandahar on a short vacation,” says the young man, about 27, who we will call Mullah Kalam. His beard is trimmed neat; he is wearing a black leather jacket and a striped beige turban. Kalam has been a student for five years at a religious seminary across the border in Chaman, in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan. Two years into his studies, as U.S. President Barack Obama ordered a surge of 33,000 troops in Afghanistan, much of it focused in the south, Kalam’s family of 11 left their home in Panjwai district, about 40km from the city of Kandahar, to settle in Chaman.

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But Kalam’s “short vacations” home, at least twice every year, are no innocent excursions. Panjwai is considered one of the most heavily mined areas in the country. The Taliban have been known to…

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Angel5 Debuts A Founder-Friendly View Of AngelList, Sorts Investors Into “Top Five” Groups By Market, Region & More

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AngelList, the community of startup founders and investors, which has of late been transitioning from social network to investment platform, is increasingly becoming a place where early-stage and seed deals first get off the ground. Today, a new site built on top of the AngelList API, angel5, is making its debut, offering a founder-friendly dashboard that will help better connect startup founders to those investors who are relevant to their business.

The site was a weekend project from Wittlebee CEO Sean Percival, who refers to it as a “WeFollow for founders.” For those unfamiliar, WeFollow was a Twitter user directory which helped new Twitter users find others to follow on the social network based on shared interests. It was also a side project – the creation of Digg founder Kevin Rose. (Digg acquired the site back in 2009, but no longer owns it).

Like WeFollow…

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