Carlos Santana’s Demon Named ‘Metatron’

Carlos Santana told Rolling Stone magazine in the summer of 1999, more than half a year before his stellar showing at the 42nd Annual Grammys:“I know it sounds New Age… but in my meditation, this entity – which is called Metatron – he said, ‘we want to hook you back to the radio airwave frequency. We want you to reach junior high schools, high schools and universities. Once you reach them – because we are going to connect you with the best artists of the day – then we want you to present them a new menu. Let them know that they are themselves, multidimensional spirits with enormous possibilities and opportunities. We want you to present them with a new form of existence that transcends religion, politics or the modus operandi of education today’” As with many other Rockers, Santana admits that there is a spiritual entity behind his music. Santana claims that he has had contact with the dead spirit of Jimi Hendrix. Santana claims that his first initiation into the spiritual world took place when he first ingested the illegal drug LSD in the 1960’s. Other musicians, such Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, claim to have experienced type of spirit control. Santana claims that while he played Woodstock, the Mecca of Rock ‘N’ Roll, his guitar became a serpent before his eyes and inspired the way he played, which has made him famous as a Rock guitarist. Santana admits that his success is tied to a spiritual entity, Metatron. Thus, Santana is of the Devil. By his own words, Santana admits to having communications with a demon named Metatron. “He tells me more about Metatron. ‘Metatron is the architect of physical life. Because of him, we can French-kiss, we can hug, we can get a hot dog, wiggle our toe.’ He sees Metatron in his dreams and meditations. He looks a bit like Santa Claus — ‘white beard, and kind of this jolly fellow.’ Metatron, who has been mentioned in mystical disciplines through the ages, also appears as the eye inside the triangle.” [emphasis added].This demonic spirit is at work today like never before through a network of rock stars, movie stars, politicians, educators, religious leaders, entrepreneurs, et cetera. Satan’s ultimate goal is to introduce the Antichrist into the world, and for the lost world to readily receive him as an idol (a god), which is what the pyramid and all-seeing eye of Horus amount to. Even today, young people utterly worship their favorite Rock stars, even to the point of offering up their bodies as a sexual sacrifice to them.