Karachi factory fire: Relatives bury dead

Families in the Pakistani city of Karachi are burying their dead after a deadly blaze engulfed a garment factory with workers trapped inside.

Many other relatives are lining up at the city’s hospitals to give blood samples to help with DNA identification of almost 100 charred bodies.

Rescuers are trying to reach bodies still trapped inside the factory.

At least 247 people were killed in the fire that started on Tuesday and raged for more than 15 hours overnight.

Officials said late on Wednesday that the death toll was 289 but revised it down on Thursday. But it may yet rise if more bodies are found.

Many relatives are also waiting outside the Ali Enterprises factory in the north-western Baldia town area of Karachi, hoping for news of their loved ones.


source:       http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-19582647