Dmitry Rogozin


The Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg dismissed a lawsuit of nine St. Petersburg to the singer Louise Veronica Ciccone known to the world as Madonna. Activists of a so called Trade Union of Russian Citizens (PGR, a social organization of the orthodox and conservative character) and their supporters were suing the singer and the organizers of her concert in St. Petersburg for the sum of 333 million rubles. However, the plaintiffs will have to pay – in order to compensate the legal costs of the defendants.

The concert of the Madonna took place in St. Petersburg SKK (the Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex) on August 9, 2012. Nine people from the audience saw propaganda of homosexuality and, accordingly, a violation of the city law prohibiting that in the speech of Madonna. They filed a lawsuit for the sum as compensation for moral damage from her concert. The defendants were the singer herself, Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex, and Planeta Plus JSC (a division of PMI Corporation, engaged in organization of prestigious concerts).

The writ was served on Madonna to her residence in New York, but neither she nor her representatives were not in court. A notice of obtaining the writ wasn’t reported in St. Petersburg.

The judge Vitaly Barkovsky ruled Madonna innocence in violation of Russian and St. Petersburg legislation. The court overruled the claims to the organizers of the concert as well. However, the plaintiffs believe that they are right. They believe that the verdict was affected by the world fame of the singer and they intend to challenge the judgment. However, it is necessary to note that legal and judicial practice in Russia on cases of this kind has not yet firmly established. To a large extent, the restraint of the court was determined by the lack of precedents developed in the U.S. and Europe.

Recall, after a concert Vice Premier Dmitry Rogozin used a known abusive word of the singer Madonna, commenting in his microblog on Twitter her performance in protection of participants of Pussy Riot group. And although the name Madonna was not called, it was clear both from a record context, and from the subsequent correspondence of the high-ranking blogger with readers that it was referred specifically to her.