Angel5 Debuts A Founder-Friendly View Of AngelList, Sorts Investors Into “Top Five” Groups By Market, Region & More


AngelList, the community of startup founders and investors, which has of late been transitioning from social network to investment platform, is increasingly becoming a place where early-stage and seed deals first get off the ground. Today, a new site built on top of the AngelList API, angel5, is making its debut, offering a founder-friendly dashboard that will help better connect startup founders to those investors who are relevant to their business.

The site was a weekend project from Wittlebee CEO Sean Percival, who refers to it as a “WeFollow for founders.” For those unfamiliar, WeFollow was a Twitter user directory which helped new Twitter users find others to follow on the social network based on shared interests. It was also a side project – the creation of Digg founder Kevin Rose. (Digg acquired the site back in 2009, but no longer owns it).

Like WeFollow…

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