Maliki to McCain: No solution to the Syrian crisis but political

Baghdad (NINA) – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki stressed the necessity to consolidate the efforts to find a solution to the Syrian crisis; stressing that the longer the crisis lasts the harder the solutions become and the Syrian people are to suffer more.

A statement issued on Saturday, June 29, by the Prime Minister’s Office said that Maliki received a delegation from the US Senate headed by Senator John McCain, discussing the area’s problems, especially the Syrian crisis and its effects on neighboring countries.

In the meeting, Maliki stressed that there is no solution to the struggle other than political, though it is not easy; he called for dealing with the area’s crisis with cautiousness, because of their complications.

For their part, members of the Senate delegation stressed the need for cooperation and coordination between Iraq and the United States to face up the ongoing challenges, asserting readiness to support Iraq in facing such challenges, especially it fight against terrorism, the statement concluded.


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