Egyptian Pol: ‘Very Strong Perception’ Obama Backs Muslim Brotherhood


TIME Magazine reports that Egyptians “remain convinced that President Obama is backing the Muslim Brotherhood and deposed President Mohamed Morsi.”Speaking on August 22, the head of Egypt’s Social Democratic Party Mohamed Abou El-Ghar said: “America is losing Egypt… There is a very strong perception that they are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and they are against other parties.”

El-Ghar said this perception began growing when Senator John McCain (R-AZ) met with representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood in February 2012 but would not meet with with representatives from other parties. He said the perception “was furthered” when U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson “criticized Egypt’s military” for deposing Morsi in July.

On the day El-Ghar was interviewed, that perception was strengthened when State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki reiterated the Obama administration’s call for the release of Morsi.

Psaki said the administration is concerned “about arbitrary arrests” and believes “there should be a process for [Morsi’s] release.”


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  1. Brittius says:

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    Generally, when people keep pointing to something and saying there is a problem, there usually is, a problem. There are statements and documents. Tangible evidence and testimony of many.


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