TOXIC Secret Behind Dr. Andrew Weil BPA Free Baby Bottles


Dr. Andrew Weil, popular TV health guru and author of several New York Times (NYT) bestselling books, speaks out against the use of bisphenol A (BPA) and released a product line of BPA-free products four years ago targeted at infants and children that contains a dangerous chemical.The Weil Baby line offers baby bottles and silicone nipples that are BPA-free and use the copolyester polymer called Tritan®EX401 as a substitute.Tritan, manufactured by Eastman Chemical Company (ECC), is a popular chemical standby for BPA in in BPA-free products and is assumed safe; however Tritan has a wide range of adverse effects such as:• Severe dizziness
• Drowsiness
• Excitability
• Headaches
• Anxiety
• Vomiting
• Nervousness
• Sleep disorders
• Urinary dysfunction
• Heart palpitations
• Hallucinations
• Seizures
• Tremors
• Macular disorders

In a 2010 thesis study conducted by Paul John Dornath entitled, “Analysis of Chemical Leaching from Common Consumer Plastic Bottles Under High Stress Conditions” it was shown that Tritan “is a polymer made up of two compounds phosgene and BPA.”Because of this basic chemical constituency, Tritan acts as an endocrine disruptor and would adversely affect the human body just as BPA:• Breast cancer
• Prostate cancer
• Infertility
• Early puberty
• Neurological disorders
• Immune system compromises

According to Key Baby LLC, the manufacturer of the Weil Baby product line, their Tritan-based baby bottles are “dishwasher safe” which makes them a good choice for “infant-care products”.


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