Why Christians Shouldn’t Yoga

Yoga has satanic roots. It doesn’t mean you’re satanic to participate in it, but at the same time, you need to understand that yoga is much more than just a system of healthy exercises. In fact, yoga is not really about physical health at all. It is simply a means of attaining certain demonic spiritual goals. Good health is supposed to be a side benefit of excelling in the spiritual aspects of yoga, one of which is to awaken Kundalini—that serpent goddess who is coiled up at the base of your spine. You want to get her stirred up and stretched out so she can start slithering up your spine and resettle in your head. And as that demon—er, Kundalini—starts responding to your inviting mantras, meditation, and special breathing exercises, she’s going to reward you with some sensual warm fuzzies. Some feel an electric tingling up their spine when Kundalini is on the move. Others report feeling breezes across the palms of their hands or the soles of their feet.http://www.loamagazine.org/nr/magic_idolatry_spiritual_threats/yoga_occultism_and_magic.html












So then, when you yoga, you are wandering far away from the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and you are aligning yourself with the warped teachings of Hinduism—a demonic cult which claims that the Holy Spirit does not even exist. Does this sound like a God-honoring activity? Not hardly. Yoga is demonic from beginning to end. It is far more than a system of stretches. All the positions you get into have cultic beliefs attached to them. If you didn’t realize this, you need to. Yoga is not for Christians.If you’re hanging out with hardcore yoga fans, then realize that you are in the company of people who are dabbling in some very dangerous spiritual waters. The more you get into yoga, the more its spiritual aspects will be emphasized, because yoga is a spiritual activity. The people who invented yoga were not interested in limbering up, they were greedily trying to get their hands on some supernatural power without having to submit to God.

There are many forms of yoga. The popular system of exercises we see in the Western world is called hatha yoga and it has the same two goals as all other forms of yoga: siddhis and moksha. Siddhis are spiritual supernatural powers. You get more siddhis through meditation and yoga. Moksha means liberation and release. The goal here is to break out of that pesky cycle of death and rebirth. See the Hindus are big believers in reincarnation. But they also believe it’s a pain in the neck, because who wants to keep having to hit the replay button? Good karma helps you reincarnate into a better status while bad karma—well, you get the point. So the ultimate goal of all this is to be so good that you get off the reincarnation treadmill and become absorbed into Brahman. You want to be like a raindrop falling into the ocean. It’s all so nice and…meaningless. The Hindus acknowledge Jesus as a teacher (in fact He was an incarnation of Vishnu). They say He is a son of God (along with everyone else), but His death didn’t atone for sins and He certainly didn’t resurrect. God (Brahman) is “The Absolute”—a universal spirit. We’re all part of Brahman but most of us aren’t aware of it. Happily your yoga can help you figure out more about your divine nature as you bond with the goddess Kundalini. She’ll take you there. And while you’re at it, she’ll deliver you right off a spiritual cliff of deception.

Ever wonder why you get into such weird positions with yoga? It’s all about helping Kundalini do her thing so you can experience more of those siddhis powers and get those good moksha feelings. You’re also trying to lengthen your life and improve the quality of your health by controlling the flow of your Bindu fluid—a fictitious blend of poison and nectar that the Hindus invented for themselves. So as you contort your body into weird shapes to get your mystical fluids going in the right direction, how does this look to God? He’s not the One telling you to stand on your head and get into pretzel contortions. All this weirdness was invented by demons who find it endlessly hilarious to see how much discomfort we humans will put ourselves through in order to grab at that lollipop of supernatural power. Satan sidles up to us and whispers, “Hey, if you stand on your head for a while every day, you can get better health.” Then we say, “Really? I’m doing it!” Then he says, “You know what else? If you bend yourself back into a rainbow and twist your limbs into unnatural positions, you’ll be able to control that Bindu.” And we say, “What’s Bindu?” He says, “Oh, it’s this really important fluid that moves around your body. It’s the source of all your problems. If you learn to control it you won’t need to feel so dependent on God. You’ll be able to fix your own health problems.” And we say, “Great! I’m doing it!” And he thinks, “Wow, that was easy.”

Since when does God need us to look like pretzels in order to help us in life? Before you go to your next yoga workout, think about the fact that this whole package was invented by demons and ask the Holy Spirit whether He wants you to continue in it or not. As Christians, we want to be depending on God for wisdom in life, not on the theories of those who reject His identity, insult His Son, and deny the existence of the magnificent Holy Spirit. Would you go to a witch doctor for spiritual advice? Of course not. So don’t look to Satan’s system of yoga for answers to your health problems. Look to God instead.

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  1. This is an eye opener!


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