Repression against Crimean Tatars as catalyst for extending sanctions

Russia has long reproached the official Kyiv for its “unwillingness” to take into account the interests of all nationalities living in Ukraine. First of all, this regarded Russian speakers and, especially, Russian nationals. At the same time, Moscow has accused Ukrainian authorities of a failure to grant the Russian language a status of the second state language. But as soon as Russia occupied the Ukrainian Crimea in 2014, it moved away from rather abruptly from its previously declared principles of national policy, launching a repression campaign against various ethnic groups living in the annexed peninsula.


Russia has been ignoring the position of the international community. No wonder… It can now be suggested with greater confidence that the ban on the Mejlis marks the beginning of major repression against the Crimean Tatar people by the Russian authorities.Given the fact that criminal cases had already been launched against many of the Crimean Tatars in Crimea on trumped up charges, the official ban on Mejlis further extends the scope of potential action for Russia’s punitive system.













Well, God is my witness, after these terrible events in Mariupol the international coalition must urgently make the decision on introduction of new severe economic sanctions against Russia. First of all, it’s a shutoff of the International Payment System SWIFT in the Russian Federation. So, it’s also the time to strike at last on Gazprom. Moreover, it’s necessary to pass from sanctions to direct boycott of both Russian ideology and goods and services. The comprehensive boycott is capable to cover not only political and economic, but also humanitarian, cultural and sports areas. There will be the real conditions for full international isolation of Russia.




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