A kind of Pollo alla Cacciatora


rachel eats

Oh, the title of this post has given me a headache, what to call it.

I am bold and brazen enough to post about a heavyweight Italian classic like Pollo alla cacciatora -chicken hunters style- but more importantly am I resilient enough withstand the mummers of quiet disapproval or chorus of you don’t do it like that, you do it like this or mia mamma fa cosi. Maybe should I just chicken out and call it chicken cooked with onion, tomato and rosemary.

No, today I am bold and brazen, half a bottle of Barbareso courage  is making things quite wonderfully uninhibited, well almost uninhibited, hence the kind of.


From what I understand – and I have a whole other language to deal with here which still leaves me in a frazzle – cooking alla cacciatora generally speaking involves frying joints of usually rabbit or chicken until they are…

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