Benefits:Rabbit braised in cider.

rachel eats

rabbit-stew-bowlfulI really really like rabbit, eating rabbit that is. I have been feasting away since I arrived in Rome where Coniglio alla cacciatora (hunters style rabbit) graces almost every trattoria, osteria and restaurant menu. To my mind, it is a massively underrated meat which is not nearly as popular as it should be – but then I have absolutely no bunny sentiments whatsoever, Yes, they are cute, but no more than say, little lambs, which I also really like eating. When a good rabbit, preferably wild, is well cooked, the meat is simply superb. I shouldn’t damn it with faint praise by saying it is ‘a bit like chicken,’ but there is undoubtedly a similarity in the lean, white, tasty meat, only rabbit has a more pronounced depth of flavour and a subtle but distinct gameyness.

I am horribly squeamish about intensively, cruelly reared meat and get nauseous just thinking…

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