Meat-free fridays… shall be renamed CRAB friday…



It is Lent and even though I have given up alcohol, I am also trying to respect the *MEAT-FREE* Friday rule. (Even more so on Good Friday!!!) Thankfully, Sunday’s are considered feast days – so I have been able to embibe on these days (although knowing full well that monday is a work day, does restrict my *catch up* philosophy :)).

Lent is a 40day period (excluding Sundays) starting on Ash Wednesday (the day after Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake day) and ending on Easter Eve (the Saturday before Easter Sunday). And in the Catholic Church it is *traditional* to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday as well as all Friday’s during the Lenten period.

With this in mind – I have successfully been able to abstain from eating meat on Fridays…  not that I am a big meat eater… but just that it limited my everyday choices of chicken and meat – and I…

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