Benefits:Cooking with Beer (now with 50 recipes!)

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A guide to cooking With Beer

Ah beer. A college student’s best friend. If you haven’t noticed, we’re beer fans in our house. It may be that we’re college students who are fortunate to not only live so close to the Sierra Nevada Brewery, but also have some of the cheapest drink specials around. We can get pitchers of Sierra Nevada for $5. Hah! It’s one of the reasons I love Chico.

I also love cooking with beer. However, I ran into a few problems with bitterness. After that I decided to look up some tips and share them with you, my lovely readers. Plus 50 recipes to give you inspiration!

Wheat beers: Great White, Kellerweiss, Blue Moon
These lighter beers tend to have fruity, mellow, crisp flavors that are great matched with chicken, seafood, or salads. They tend to have the words “White,” “Wit,” “Weiss,” or “Weizen” on the label.
Stuffed Pale Ale Chicken…

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  1. Gunny G says:

    You left out HopSlam DIPA!
    4.Drunking, anyway…

    Hey, a good Hopslam dupe…Sam Adams Rebel IPA, and add yer own honey!

    Dick.G: AMERICAN!
    aka: Gunny G


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