Two salmon heads, washed

1 cup of chopped leeks

1/2 cup of sliced fresh ginger root


Wash the salmon heads thoroughly with water. Boil the water in the steamer on high heat. Meanwhile, slice up your ginger root quite thinly, and chop your leeks into about an 2 inches width. Line your steamer with foil(to prevent the juices from leaking + easy storage) arrange your salmon heads onto the foil, scatter the ginger and leeks around. Steam on medium-high heat for 15-20 minutes or until the salmon heads are soft enough for your liking(poke with a fork to see how stiff it is). Then you’re done!

This combination gives such a delicious flavour where additional seasonings  i.e. soy sauce, to reduce the often overwhelming fattiness of salmon, are absolutely not needed. The sweetness of leeks helps undertone the salmon’s fattiness(good omega-3 fats of course) and the distinctive flavour of ginger gives the dish a spicy punch. Of course, the salmon heads were the star with their creamy, delicate and distinctive sweet taste.

The foil lining helps seal all the juices in. The steams that’s become trapped actually brewed into a refreshing, sweet tasting soup. When storing you can just wrap the foil lining around the salmon, to prevent leakage, then place in a sealed container.

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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this healthy recipe. 🙂

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    1. news says:

      You’re welcome…….I’m really glad you found my tips helpful.Love and Peace

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