From Minneapolis to Palestine, racism is the common enemy




The strategic alliance between the United States and Israel is rooted in similar histories of expulsion of Indigenous people, settler-colonialism and racism.

The United States has a dark history of genocide of Native Americans, enslavement of Africans and racial discrimination. While legalized racism may have ended, its impact persists culturally, socially and economically.

The United States sees Israel as its natural ally because they have similar settler-colonial origins and histories.

Israel likewise views the United States as a source of legitimacy for its policies, given the countries’ historical and present similarities.

While the civil rights movement in the United States delegitimized formal discrimination – although systemic racism persists – Palestinians still suffer under a system of legalized racism, expulsion and confinement to ghettos.

This system denies us the most basic rights enjoyed by people around the world, such as freedom of movement, the right to education and medical care, and the ability to obtain basic needs.

Israeli law asserts the “right to exercise national self-determination” in historic Palestine is “unique to the Jewish people.”

Indeed, what unites racists everywhere is the belief that they have superior characteristics to those of a different race or religion. This means the struggle against all forms of racial discrimination must be global.

It is therefore a duty for all of us, even and especially those of us who live with racism, to raise our awareness and voices against any attack on human dignity in any place.

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