The Connection between Mantras, Mandalas and Spiritism



Although traditional Hinduism and Buddhism perceive the mandala and mantra as related to the gods who bestow psychic powers and enlightenment, in many ways these “gods” function in a similar manner to the spirits of both ancient occultism and modern channeling, and are indistinguishable from them.,_Spiritual_Deception_and_Demon_Possession

When the practitioner refers to contacting the “gods,” or to having one’s being or essence infused by the gods, or to achieving siddhis (psychic powers) from the gods, religious tradition may lead the person to interpret this as contact with an actual deity. However, from the Christian perspective, that person is contacting a powerful spirit entity which the Bible identifies as a demon. *The pagan world, past and present, has long worshiped its “gods,” but the apostle Paul identifies these gods as demons.    “The sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you…

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