Pork-barrel politics in Washington DC helps factory food with the new monster Farm Bill.


Pork-barrel politics in Washington DC helps factory food with the new monster Farm Bill. Yes, the “Big Ag” monster is on the loose again, wreaking havoc on the food supply. The ZERO nutrition Bill almost ensures Americans eat food that contains ZERO nutrition, including factory made synthetic food and what most SNAP recipients buy at major grocery stores (conventional dead food).
S.N.A.P. – The “Stay Needy Always Program”
SNAP really stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, but you wouldn’t know it. The only way it works out that SNAP buys food which contains nutrition is if those SAME people are researching organic food, non-fluoridated water, and organic supplements, and have the will power to walk into the right stores and buy food that prevents disease rather than causes it. Now, thanks to both sides of Congress GMO crops will be subsidized, which in turn will spike cancer statistics over the next 3 years. I guess the Republicans didn’t lose the “Big Pharma” and “Big Ag” election that everyone thought they did a couple Novembers ago. Yep, from Monsanto to plate, the Government of America now gives you free food money and fake food for your plate, and the rest the country that doesn’t have free cancer food can buy their free cancer food subsidized, to the tune of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. It’s cash crop insurance for genetically mutated food and codependent, uneducated country that needs a nanny and handouts. The Tsunami is on the way, and these people are most vulnerable when the bottom falls out of the economy for real. People thought 2007/2008 housing market crash was bad, that was just one facet of what this is leading to. The new FARM BILL should have been called the Laboratory Bill, because that’s where the damage is really getting done from.


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